Narayan Sai Trust

Born with a mystical temperament and a heart brimming full with love & compassion for all living souls, Narayan Saiji or very popularly called Saiji has a profound thought process and a remarkable record of serving mankind, needy, flora, and fauna globally for over three decades.


The joy, of the world-renowned Hindu saint H.H. Asharamji Bapuji and His consort H.H. Laxmi Maiyaji knew no bounds the day their son brightened their lives with His birth on 29th January 1973 and sparkled the lives of millions of spiritual aspirants by marking his birth day as the inauguration day of the world famous spiritual hermitage of Motera, Ahmedabad, India – Sant Shri Asharamji Ashram. This place is one of the most spiritually vibrated center in India that has shown to millions of people the path of enlightenment and servitude to mankind.